Get up to 85% of your multifamily EV charging project covered by incentives!
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Multifamily EV Charging

Want to attract new tenants and add another revenue stream? Get up to 85% of your EV charger project covered with incentives.

Getting Started:
What to Expect

Discovery Call

Get a personalized consultation with Buzze's EV charging experts. We'll discuss your property's unique needs, goals, and desired outcomes, ensuring a tailored solution that fits seamlessly into your multifamily environment.

Site Survey & Evaluation

Partnering with trusted utility or installation partners, Buzze conducts a comprehensive site survey and evaluation. This step ensures that your property's infrastructure is analyzed thoroughly, guaranteeing optimal placement and functionality of your EV charging stations.

Plan & Design

Buzze oversees the meticulous planning and design process by local installation partners and keeps you updated every step of the way. From layout configurations to electrical considerations, we ensure that every aspect is carefully crafted to meet your property's requirements and maximize efficiency.

Permitting & Approvals

Don't worry about the red tape. Buzze manages the intricate process of permitting and approvals. We navigate regulatory requirements and secure necessary permissions swiftly, streamlining the path to implementation and ensuring compliance with local regulations.


Buzze works with trusted local technicians to seamlessly install your new EV charging infrastructure. We'll bring your plan to life, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition to electrified parking.

Management & Operation

Rest easy knowing that your EV charging stations are in capable hands. Buzze handles the day-to-day management and operation of your charging infrastructure. From user support to maintenance scheduling, we keep your system running efficiently and reliably.

Monitor & Support

Buzze provides ongoing, 24/7/365 monitoring and support to keep your EV charging system performing at its best. With real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance, we ensure optimal uptime and address any issues promptly. Count on us for continuous support and peace of mind.

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Available Incentives

Learn about the available resources that simplify your EV charger installation project.

Utility Programs

Leverage utility programs to dramatically reduce the costs of installing EV charging stations at your multifamily property. Enjoy rebates, special energy rates, and support that make going green both affordable and beneficial. Use incentives from your local utility to enhance your property’s value and appeal, simplifying your journey toward a sustainable future.

State Programs

Tap into a diverse array of state incentives designed to support the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. From tax breaks and grants to rebates and financing, these programs make installation more accessible and cost-effective. Our guide will help you navigate these opportunities, ensuring you can take full advantage of the financial supports available in your state.

Local Programs

Beyond utility and state offerings, local governments provide extra incentives to encourage EV charging setups in multifamily properties. These may include rebates, fast-tracked permits, and technical assistance, aimed at reducing costs and complexities. Discover the local incentives that can further elevate your property, making it a standout choice for eco-conscious residents.

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