For Drivers: Neighborhood
EV Charging

Apartment + home renters, rideshare drivers, and more.

Step 1 - Search
Step 1 for Charging
Download the app and find a neighbor with a Level 2 charger.
Step 2 - Book
Pick a date and time that works for you.
Step 3 - Charge
Plug in, drop off your car, and pick it up when it's done charging.
Download the app and charge at 500+ residential charging locations.
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Verified, local hosts
No more waiting in lines or finding out that charger you just drove to is broken. Buzze hosts are all verified to have functioning L2 chargers.
Unbeatable pricing
Buzze gives EV drivers access to fast, L2 chargers for a fraction of the cost of other out-of-home charging solutions with far more convenience.
Get started in minutes and charge with a neighbor.
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